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You want the best for obvious reasons. The Pro is bigger, faster and more accurate than other treadmills. This is the ultimate sports performance training tool with absolute accurate speeds for testing and repeatability. Your athletes will appreciate the smooth and comfortable running surface and their joints will also notice.


There are conventional treadmills and than there are Slat Belt treadmills by WOODAY USA. Our patented running surface is unlike any other and can handle even the largest users with ease. Your athletes will rave about how great it feels to run on the rubberized slats, their joints and connective tissues will also take notice. The Pro running surface is wider than anything else out there and best of all there is no hood, so your athletes can focus on important things, like training. With the toothed belt and drive system, you can feel confident there is no room for slippage even at the highest speeds with the largest athletes.


This treadmill will not be the limiting factor in training your athletes. The Pro tops out at 15 mph and 25% of elevation, it can even have negative elevation at no extra charge. You need more speed, just ask. With the extra wide surface you can implement lateral movements, jump plates are available if over-speed training is your method. This is a must for any human performance training center.


The Slat Belt running surface lasts up to 150,000 miles without a single belt change or deck swap. It was designed to make up for conventional treadmills shortcomings, most notably wear and friction. The rubberized slats are built like a tank, literally. With 114 ball bearings the belt glides, which results in years of life with very little maintenance and up to 50% in electrical savings. There is no need to adjust and tension the belt, our design utilizes tracking rollers and a toothed pulley.

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