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FITBENCH is the newest innovation in fitness bench technology. Not only that, it is designed to hold everything you need.


  • 6 sets of commercial dumbbells weights (2, 4 ,6, 10, 12, 14 kgs)

  • 2 commercial kettlebells (8, 12 kgs)

  • 1 slam ball (7 kgs)

  • 3 resistance exercise bands

Available Accessories:



  • FITROPE is a premium commercially built battle rope

  • The FITROPE is a braided nylon rope that flows and oscillates much easier than any traditional battle rope.

  • The rope has a sleeve around the entire rope so it protects the rope making it extra durable.

  • The handle is vinyl dipped – so it is rugged, yet comfortable in your hands.

  • The rope is 1.5inches thick x 30ft long and is 21lbs.




  • Our bands have been designed with two major factors in mind; safety and durability.

  • Each bench has three sets of premium resistance bands named “FITBANDS” (6 individual bands total).

  • The bands include 6 removable handles, developed for workouts that incorporate lower body to upper body exercises, allowing the user to simply fit their feet or hands into the handles. For quick, safe change overs of handles, the bands have carabiners at the end of each band.

  • Each band is also covered by a nylon sleeve to reduce injury from possible snapping back of the band.

  • Although our bench comes with a selection of differently strengthened resistance bands, the user can further increase the resistance by stacking two or more bands together. That or even combining one of our bands with products like TRX Rip Trainer will create a more dynamic, creative workout.

  • Each band is delivered in its own individual sling bag.




  • Our dumbbells use only the best commercial grade rubber available in the market.

  • Hexagon in shape to reduce dumbbell roll when placed on the floor, with a mat finish helping the dumbbell stay looking new.

  • The grips are of superior quality with thicker handles to help users grip safely.

  • Our dumbbells offer a fatter grip which helps protect and strengthen hands and wrists, thus helping to protect against carpel tunnel syndrome.

  • Weights: 2kg – 4kg – 6kg – 10kg – 12kg – 14kg




  • Premium Kettlebells with a black durable vinyl coating and a smooth painted handle for superior movement.

  • From small group training to individual workouts, our kettlebells excel in adding variety and resistance.

  • Large weight markers make for easy identification, even in the darkest of environments.




  • The incredibly durable Slam Ball can be used to provide resistance for both static and dynamic exercises.  The long lasting textured surface makes it easy to hold, toss, and catch.

  • The Slam Ball offers a no bounce back feature, so you will never need to worry about it getting away from you or being sucked under a treadmill.

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