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The LokoStation is specially designed for training and rehabilitating gait-impaired patients. With the Loko, therapists have the ability to quickly and conveniently redistribute the weight thanks to the off-loading system, enabling the patient to focus on coordination without running the risk of falling.

Therapists can conveniently perform neuromuscular re-education in the form of assisted placement of feet and legs while a user walks, all from the comfort of the LokoStation's adjustable seats.

Static Support

With static body weight support, the height of the support ropes is fixed. Due to the lowering of the center of gravity during the gait cycle, the patient carries more of his/her own body weight in the standing phase than he/she does in the swing phase.

Dynamic Support

With dynamic weight relief, the preset support weight provides for uniform support throughout the entire gait cycle because the support weight always follows the vertical movement of the body's center of gravity.

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